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Premium Screen Recorder,Mobizen makes it easy to capture your smartphone screen!

Mobizen makes it easy to capture your smartphone screen!

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Make your own video.

Meet the world’s most popular screen recording app. You can record your smartphone screen with the best quality and edit videos with your smartphone without a PC.

The easiest content creation tool

Mobizen is the best tool for single-person media.
Don’t worry about the lack of broadcasting equipment or resources.
You can make content easily and quickly by yourself.
With a smartphone, video content with my face is just instant!

Best mobile UI/UX

Properly crafted apps UI/UX.

  • Comfortable Mobizen recording function.
  • Start recording in just a second! It’s really easy and fast.
  • Check the video/photo at a glance after recording.

Mobizen’s exclusive stereo recorder

The Mobizen Stereo Recorder (M2) is a device that allows you to record the internal sound of your mobile as it is. In addition, you can record your voice through the microphone.

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