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Creative, all possible with Mobizen.


Creative, all possible with Mobizen.

Record cool games with Mobizen!

  • 1. Run the Mobizen Recorder during a mobile game.
  • 2. Record the game screen with a Mobizen recorder.
  • 3. Download the recorded video to your PC.
  • 4. Log in to the Mobizen website to create a scene using mobile game recordings.
  • 5. Live broadcast games with Mobizen with a designed scene and get the number of subscribers UP UP UP!

Taking part-time classes with students with Mobizen!

  • 1. Log in to the Mobizen website to select a training template and create a broadcast.
  • 2. Enter the broadcast and connect your mobile camera with Mobizen Studio.
  • 3. The connected mobile camera captures the students and adds the stream to the broadcast stream.
  • 4. Deploy a stream so that students can enjoy participating in the lecture and broadcasting!

Offline seminar to Mobizen!

  • 1. Run the published offline seminar on Mobizen mobile stream to film it.
  • 2. Using mobile stream, the PD designs the screen scene.
  • 3. The designed screen is broadcast on various platforms.